CVRT Booking (VTN/DOE)


The "CVRT Test" is the new name for the existing DOE or VTN test.

Book Your CVRT Test (DOE Test)

Call us on 062-58900 and one of our Staff will make the booking for you...

Or book online, simply CLICK HERE to proceed with your CVRT Test (DOE Test).....

It couldn't be easier just follow the simple steps below and leave the rest to us:

a)    Select the box listing your required DOE Test Type

b)    Select your preferred date for the DOE Test

c)    Select your preferred time for the DOE Test

d)    Then fill in your details in the boxs provided

Then simply confirm.

On the day of the test, you will need to present your vehicle registration documents, and also a form of ID.  Acceptable ID formats are Driving Licence or Passport.